ไม่พูดมาก เพราะเจ็บปากอยู่

221. ก็ว่างั้นแหละ
<BigMac> Omg, My dad’s just died suddenly in hospital…
<BigMac> I’m gonna go see his corpse in the morgue…
<Pleston> I doubt that.
<BigMac> What?
<Pleston> Well, firstly, any person would go see their father BEFORE mourning to us about it.
<Pleaston> Secondly, I remember your other father dying about two weeks ago, on another chat.
** BigMac has quit (quit: Stfu)
<Pleaston> Thought so

222. ชื่อมันอ่านว่าอะไรฟะ
<Pedlya> So I got this really big usb drive, and me and my dad are trying to put shit on it.
*Simpe has entered #cancelled
<Pedlya> my dad said its too big, and I guess it was
<Pedlya> so my mom comes in and is trying to push it in...it still didnt go in
<Pedlya> my brother uses his and it fits fine, so we just use his
* Simpe has quit IRC (I dont want to know dude... )

223. พวกเดียวกันสินะ
<sigafoo> i realized i loved my girlfriend when i said to her
<sigafoo> <3
<sigafoo> and she said "<3.14159265" back...

224. นอน
* | gets lazy
* | is now known as _

225. หนวดประหลาด
<WeirdBeard> well my dad is icelandic, my mother is cuban
<WeirdBeard> i'm an icecube

226. มุขนี้คลาสสิก
<Argentius> I fell asleep again in class today...
<Darkersun> that sucks man, what did the teacher do?
<Argentius> I am the teacher >.<

227. เห็นด้วย
<syc> buddy of mine licked a motherboard once while the machine was running
<syc> no problems
<Skiz> I disagree
<Skiz> your friend has problems

228. 55555555 โคตรยาว
<JonTG> Man, my penis is so big if I laid it out on a keyboard it'd go all the way from A to Z
<JonTG> wait, shit

229. คนเดิมอ๊ะป่าว
< Codegen> one day my gf and I were watching TV, when the news reports came on talking about how there were suicide bombers in london, and how they destroyed the transit system. The news reporters said that these bombing were similar to the previous suicide bombings from a week before. Then my gf turns to me and asks, "Do you think that they are the same suicide bombers?"

230. มีเหตุผล
<@Raeven0> What's the difference between array $_GET and array $_REQUEST
<+Matrixfan> one is polite

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