ส่งท้ายปีเก่าด้วยมุขเก่าๆ ส่วนมากมีแต่มุขคอมทั้งนั้น ใครอ่านไม่เก็ทก็ขออภัย

211. จะ get กันไหมเนี่ย
milnarmo: damn i'm never gonna get a fishing license
milnarmo: lucky i already have my phishing license
darkwing14: what?
milnarmo: please enter your credit card number and expiration date to continue this conversation
*ดูความหมายของ phishing ได้ที่นี่

212. เรื่องปรกติ
<das> Headline: Bill Gates will be leaving Microsoft in July 2008
<Cryo> I'm sure that will be delayed.

213. เห็นด้วย
<Brenty> You know, I think the media really fucked up when they called it "software piracy"
<Brenty> Everyone WANTS to be a pirate
<Brenty> If they'd called it "software faggotry" everyone would still buy all their shit

214. leet child
<fholmes> My 8 month daughter was given her first taste of Gentoo today.
<fholmes> Literally as she ate my boot cd.
*Gentoo เป็นชื่ของ linux อีกสายพันธุ์หนึ่ง

215. มุขคอมเริ่มเยอะวุ้ย ไม่ get กันแน่ๆ
<justie> i did something stupid
<justie> chmod -x chmod
<justie> anyone knows how to fix it?

216. กดแม่นจริงๆ
<reva> so I was babysitting my cousin's kid the other day. who's like, 15 months old.
<reva> he was trying to get up on the computer chair, so i put him up there.
<reva> he just starts randomly banging on the keyboard randomly
<reva> and the first thing that pops up says "Are you sure you want to delete Internet Explorer?"
<reva> I hit "no" (because it's my parents computer).
<reva> so he starts hitting more keys...
<reva> the next thing that comes up: "Are you sure you want to delete Outlook Express?"
<reva> ...I've never had more hope for humanity than that moment.

217. อาจารย์เด็ด
D1v1d3 8y Z3r0: i got owned by my bio TA earlier in the year
D1v1d3 8y Z3r0: she was like "So, what are some possible effects from mutated genes?"
D1v1d3 8y Z3r0: i said "Well, it could cause different coding of proteins, or it could cause you to develop special powers, like retractable claws from your hands"
D1v1d3 8y Z3r0: the TA was like, "Wrong. Those claws are government implants. Wolverine's mutant power is his healing ability."

218. so leet
<sh4ve> hehe, i wrote a assembly proggy to convert normal numbers to roman ^^
<GodOfGoats> You are so MCCCXXXVII

219. ถ้าไม่พูดก็ไม่คิดนะเนี่ย
lemonlimeskull: You know you've been chatting too long when you think C:/> is some kind of depressed Arab smiley.

220. อืมมม
<overkill_78> So this chick came over today.
<overkill_78> We talked for hours.
<overkill_78> Then she went to go take a piss.
<overkill_78> I busted in on her while she was pissing, and she got mad at me.
<overkill_78> So I trapped her in my room and set my room on fire.
<overkill_78> Fucking bitch is dead now.
<camdaman86> How are you not in jail?
<overkill_78> It was in The Sims.





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